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Embracing the Moment: A Duck Pond Meditation [Recorded Live]

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Welcome to Episode 27 of Inner Peace Meditations. Today’s session, a live unedited recording from a peaceful duck pond, offers you a tranquil space to clear your mind and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Surrounded by authentic nature sounds, you are invited to experience mindfulness in its simplest form.

In this episode, we explore:

  1. On-site recording: Experience the immersive sounds of nature as this episode is a live, unedited recording from a duck pond, filled with the sounds of quacking ducks, rustling leaves, and rippling waters.
  2. Meditation guidance: I will guide you on how to open your awareness, relax your body, and calmly acknowledge every thought that may arise without judgment or attachment.
  3. Returning to calmness: Learn how to return to a state of calmness effortlessly, similar to the natural world around us.
  4. Soothing for busy minds: This meditation serves as an antidote for those who often find themselves overthinking or struggling with busy minds.

Support the Podcast: Your support helps continue bringing these calming sessions to all. Should you find these meditations beneficial, consider sending a virtual hug at

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Steven Webb

I thought I would just sit in over the old guided meditation down here beside the duck pond, along with the ducks. So if you wanted to see the video that goes along with this meditation, you can head to the links in the show notes just below. I've love the YouTube video of this meditation.

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Steven Webb

This is just a meditation to share with the meditation and time out. And mindfulness doesn't have to be complicated and we can do it anywhere, although it's easier when we call these swans and ducks and birds and all that, showing us how to be at one with nature. Just relax your body, invite your shoulders to relax, invite your face and your head to relax and your neck is just allowing your body to relax.

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Steven Webb

In this moment. And if you're out and about, like me or you watching this video, I encourage you, stay your eyes open, looking around just the same as your eyes are open, looking around and you're making all the sounds and the colours are all part of the same meditation, but it's all part of it. Our meditations about allowing as opposed to trying to block out and bring your attention to your breath and breathing in and you're breathing out.

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Steven Webb

I want you there not just just be aware of the sounds and meditations are about just allowing things to happen. And if we find it difficult to just relax in this moment and be present, we can label the sounds we can label different things, we can label thoughts you may hear playing, and when you go playing, you don't need to do anything with that in my hair, a voice in the background or child scat voice, Child.

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Steven Webb

Normally when we hear something, we jump to a story with that we hear a duck and we jump her story and a picture with that. Or if we just go duck just the same as the breath, or if we just go breath sort. I want you to notice you don't have to do anything with anything. It's all just arising.

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Steven Webb

Every moment is different. Every sound is different. And what you notice when you just sit down and awareness, when you're out in nature or sat next to a river or even in your car, doesn't matter where. When we just become aware of what's happening around us and we don't jump to story and we don't jump to what we need to do later on, just be here as a beautiful gift of I don't need to do anything with this moment.

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Steven Webb

It is just as it is right now. And the idea is not to miss a single part of that. Don't miss a breath that miss a thought. Don't miss a single duck noise or a single bird singing. Don't miss a car driving by or a child laughing. Just open your awareness so wide that everything is coming in. But you don't need to do anything with any of that.

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Steven Webb

Come. We just can't just sit for a couple of minutes and just try opening your awareness as much as possible before or from what our feelings are coming up. The thoughts are coming in, the sounds are coming in. You don't need to worry about time. I will keep an eye on that. But one thing I notice whenever I'm looking at nature is the way things happen and then it returns back to calmness very quickly.

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Steven Webb

A duck lands on the water next to another one. The other one, panic freaks out. They do that back and then they return to normal. They don't find a friend. They don't complain on Facebook. The next 5 hours that a duck landed in my space, they just returned to that peaceful state. They just returned to their calmness. And if we learn to do that, that's what meditations about is returning to this moment of calmness.

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Steven Webb

So thought arises, maybe unpleasant or maybe one that we want. So instead of jumping on it and going down the desires of a nice thought, we just recognise the thoughts and enjoy it.

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Steven Webb

Same as if a thought comes in that we don't desire. We may just choose to do nothing with it instead of thinking about making a big deal out of and we notice we don't have to grow these moments into something that more. They're already beautiful and whole just as they are. And so in the moment, if you close, your eyes can open your eyes, we can then bring back our awareness to this present moment.

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Steven Webb

So five for just ten to open your eyes. Three just shake your arms and take a deep breath and just really appreciate the fact that every moment is already combing itself. Or it's about returning to the home, wherever you to, whatever you do, and you don't need to be sat in front of that pond, although it does help.

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Steven Webb

Granted, I do get that. But ultimately, you can be anywhere doing anything and you can just I don't have to do anything in this moment. In this moment. And there's a deeper wisdom within you that recognises this and means you can respond beautifully in any given moment from a deeper coma. Wisdom just like these dogs, just like the wise as and master the all these ducks are way wiser than us and they've just gone about their life.

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Steven Webb

Well, we make big things of everything I receive on web. And I also got another podcast called Stillness in the Storms and talks about these things and we get a little bit deeper into finding a little inner peace in life. And if this meditation has helped you, you can always send me a virtual hug instead of a coffee.

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Steven Webb

Now I've changed it to a hug because I don't drink a lot of coffee. I just thought it's more appropriate as a thank you. And you can download the five Simple practices for Inner peace. Head over to Thank you. Steven Dotcom and wishing you the most beautiful day and enjoy it and return to calmness whenever you have the opportunity and the opportunity as always.

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Steven Webb

Now take care by.